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Lupe Carrasco - 1017 Jepsen Ave

It was our parent’s home and my siblings and I had inherited the property after they passed. My brother lived there for 12 years before we decided to sell it. The property needed some work, it wasn’t in the best condition.

We got a fair price between all of my siblings and my brother was able to find a newer home in better condition to live in. It worked out great for my family and I recommend Oak Valley Homebuyers to anyone who has a house that is in not-so-great shape.

- Lupe Carrasco - 1017 Jepsen Ave
Humphrey Lau  - 1225 88th Ave

I owned a few properties that were being rented and let’s be honest, the renter’s rent was low and they tore up the property. All of the damage they caused was awful.

I got a package from Oak Valley Homebuyers mentioning they were interested in buying the house so I gave them a call and showed it to them. They were extremely professional and brought me an offer that I accepted in a heartbeat. I had multiple other companies bring me an offer and all of theirs were low.

Oak Valley Homebuyers came in reasonably (significantly more than the other guys) and I decided to sell my property to them. I had a really good experience and I’m glad I chose to do business with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

- Humphrey Lau - 1225 88th Ave
Linda & Timothy Green  - 1335 Westside St

Our property was facing foreclosure and we hadn’t been able to work out anything with our lender. The house was in poor condition. We hadn’t actually lived at the house in months due to the repairs it needed. We just couldn’t live in it and couldn’t afford to fix it either.

Oak Valley Homebuyers reached out to us and introduced themselves and asked us if we wanted to sell the house. I talked it over with my husband and we decided it was the best thing for us to do especially since they were going to pay off our loan, buy the property in the condition it was in, and give us a good amount of money so we can find a new home again.

They did everything they said they were going to do and I appreciated that. My experience was great and I would recommend them to anyone.

- Linda & Timothy Green - 1335 Westside St
Edward Vakeren - 320 Orcas St

Working with Austin at Oak Valley Homebuyers was GREAT! I had owned my property for 27 years and for the last 5 years, it was vacant. A fire ended up happening while the property was vacant and it completely destroyed the entire property.

Oak Valley Homebuyers contacted me and said they were interested in buying the property so I got together with them and they brought me a
good offer for the condition the property was in. I quickly decided to sell the property to Oak Valley Homebuyers and everything went great!

Also, Austin on their team was fantastic. He went out of his way to make sure all of my questions were answered and he would always let me know
what the next step was. I highly recommend doing business with Oak Valley Homebuyers.

- Edward Vakeren - 320 Orcas St
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